Women's Advice Centre

Many individual women face a range of problems on a daily basis. These range from problems in the home, in the workplace, in the community, and in the society as a whole. The problems include abuse, discrimination, lack of rights, and physical, social and economic insecurity. The advice centre is a project of Setsi sa Mosadi, and it hopes to help individual women face and deal with the daily problems that confront them in society. Advice, counselling, referreal to other specialist organisations that deal with problems facing women, litigation, campaigns and advocacy are some of the methods that will be used by the centre in its work.

The women’s advice centre intends to address and deal with the following issues:

  • Domestic violence, including rape, sexual assault and harassment, physical, verbal and emotional abuse perpetrated against women.
  • Social grants & social security services - The centre intends to assist in addressing issues of access to the different government social grants and social services; and obstacles to receiving them. This includes assisting women with information about services, and their rights and responsibilities in terms of accessibility.
  • Administrative justice issues - This includes issues like where to apply for refugee status, ID documents etc.
  • Health & reproductive rights – Assisting women to access health care services and to make services, especially reproductive services, available in the centre e.g. free male and female condoms
  • Housing and evictions – provide information about their rights to women being evicted from their homes.
  • Women & children’s rights – provide accessible information.
  • Informationa about labour rights within the workplace.
  • Family law – women’s rights in accessing parental maintenance, inheritance and property rights.
While the advice centre will focus on individual support and counselling, this work will be linked to the broader work of building a women’s movement and therefore dealing with the structural sources of women’s position in society.
The advice centre will be open to the public from the 8th March 2011.