Women in struggle

The formation of Setsi sa Mosadi forms Khanya College’s contribution to the building of a vibrant women’s movement. The movement faces the task of rebuilding a new activists cadre - in particular a cadre of women activists. The challenges are enormous: the activists are themselves being formed; they have to develop an understanding of their oppression and exploitation as women; they have to deepen and steel their temperament to struggle; they have to learn to resist the temptation for quick and individual solutions to problems that are deep, historical and collective; and they have to learn from the victories and defeats of their predecessors in struggle.

Over the years, despite the odds stacked against them, women have shown resilience and have engaged in heroic struggles to keep their families together, often as single women headed families. Women’s preparedness to struggle can be seen in the fact that they form the majority membership within community organisations and social movements. As the most vulnerable sector within society, women have the potential to drive the struggle for an alternative egalitarian society.

In this page Setsi sa Mosadi celebrates women in struggle, and offers inspiration to the new generation of women activists who must carry forward the touch of struggle for women’s liberation today.




Charlotte Manye Maxeke: A South African Feminist by Maria Van Driel. This is a brief introduction to the life and works of one of South Africa's foremost woman thinkers and activist, Charlotte Manye Maxeke
(Download pdf)

Pan Africanism and Solidarity by Maria Van Driel

This is a brief introduction to Pan Africanism and Solidarity, important in understanding the activism of Charlotte Manye Maxeke.
(Download pdf)


Book Review: Triumph and Tragedy of a South African Communist: Ray Alexander Simons, 1914 – 2004 by Lucien Van Der Walt
Van Der Walt looks at the life of one of the veterans of the South African anti-apartheid struggles.
(Download pdf)
Leila Khaled Speaks by Mondli Hlatshwayo
Leila Khaled Spoke to Mondli Hlatshwayo on the Palestinian people's struggle against Zionism, her politics, the armed struggle, and on South Africa -Israel relations.
(Download pdf)
Interview with Wahu Kaara, KENDRED, by Indy Media SA
Kaara is an activist based in Kenya.
(Download pdf)
Caste and the social movements in India: An interview with Lalida Perumal Maria van Driel
Perumal is an activist with Adecom.
(Download pdf)
‘We grow Together’: An interview with Wendy Pekeur by Maria van Driel
Pekeur is the general secretary of Sikhula Sonke, the farmworkers union based in the Western Cape .
(Download pdf)
Arab Women March In Tel Aviv Demanding Work by The Workers Advice Centre
Advice Centre reports on Arab women's demand for work, to relieve their poverty and to empower themselves.
(Download pdf)
The Endless challenges for Women Workers by Fazeela Fayers
Fayers calls on women to reflect on the sacrifices they make as volunteers in the health sector as this only reproduces government and private sector complacency.
(Download pdf)
Marginalised Women Workers by Bongani Bunyonyo
Bunyonyo outlines the issues facing marginalised women workers and the possibilities for organising them .
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